Sunday, September 18, 2005

Win One for The Looper

Because of my grace in allowing Tamar to pick Friday's movie, I was allowed free reign to pick a movie on Saturday night. I decided to cash in those "good will points" and make Tam watch something I thought she would like, but that she would almost certainly veto under normal circumstances. That's right people, it was time to dim the lights and watch the Bad News Bears !

This was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. I think I honestly must have watched it 20 times or more.

The Bad News Bears stars Walter Matthau as Buttermaker, a washed up ex ballplayer who drinks too mmuch and cleans pools for a living. Tatum O'Neal plays a little girl with a killer fastball that he ropes into joining the team.

This movie is crude, but hilarious. If you think little kids swearing at each other is funny, you'll love the Bad News Bears. And if you don't, then I just don't understand you. Plus, (SPOILERS!!) --

..any movie where a ragtag group of misfits make it to the title game through a combination of hard work, creative play, and luck... only to lose to a better team, is a movie that I'm going to respect. Tam was completely fooled by this movie, she really thought that group of "booger-eating morons" was going to win the championship. Poor girl.

She admitted after the movie that she really liked it, although I think what she really liked was watching her 29-year old fiance choke back tears as Timmy Lupus finally made a catch. *sniff*
What, like you're so tough?! Leave me alone.

God bless you, Bad News Bears!


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