Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tamar Wants to be on the Internet

So Tam has complained that, although there is a very non-flattering picture of me in the sidebar of this page, there has not been any pictures of her on the blog. (I don't think she understands why not having pictures of herself on the internet might be the safe move). I am nothing if not responsive to constructive criticism, however, so I present to you the single greatest picture ever taken!

This picture was taken New Year's Eve, 2004 in Cuba. Tamar spent the night drinking, dancing, and collecting streamers to put on her head. I think this picture really captures the sheer awesomeness of that decision. God bless you Tamar!

And in the interests of fairness, here's a picture of the two of us. I'm wearing a Xmas gift from Tamar, further proof of why she is the coolest chick ever.

Hopefully she'll wake up soon, because I'm getting a little bored out in the living room by myself. I should teach the cat sign language or something.

Actually, bad idea. Mischa's withering glare of disgust is already bad enough. I don't need her signing obscenities at the same time.


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