Monday, October 17, 2005

Free Comics! (Kind of)

I recently joined Sequential Swap. For those of you who've never heard of the site/group, it's basically a group of clever comic fans who realized that everybody has books they own and don't want anymore (I'm looking at you, Scooter Girl). The elegant solution: have members list the books they have but don't want, and the books they'd like to read, and work out swaps to get the right books to the right people. This arrangement seems perfect for me, because I've already exhausted the relatively meagre selection of tpbs available at my public library, but I sure don't want to be plunking down mucho dinero to get more books, when the bookshelves of my little condo are already filled to the point of bursting.

I haven't completed a swap yet, but I do have a couple in the works. And any service that allows me to get rid of books that I'm angry that I paid retail for is worth it in terms of stress reduction alone.

I have to give mad props to Mick of the Daily Burn for turning me onto Sequential Swap. So, um, big ups, Mick. Holla. Wow, my "mad props" are pretty pathetic.

Anyways, if you have books you'd like to trade away for other tpbs, why not have a look and see what's available at Sequential Swap? (especially if you're a Canadian looking to dump your Cerebus phonebooks and are willing to give me first crack!) Come on, people... I need to read Church & State.

Thanks for your support.


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