Thursday, October 13, 2005

JLA #120 - Now W/ 80% More Bickering

Um, I'm going to keep this pretty short but, if the incessent arguing among the DCU's Big Guns has you half as annoyed as it has me, you're really going to want to avoid JLA 120. It's like they decided that super-heroics were actually holding the book back, so they eliminated them entirely to focus more effectively on the angsty inter-personal drama playing out among the Right to Mindwipe movement and its detractors.

It's just boring, angry bitching with no story momentum whatsoever.

Although, there are, I believe, at least a couple of fan favorite "Green Arrow gesticulating wildly while foaming at the mouth" panels. I assume those scenes are very popular, right? Otherwise why would DC feature them? Every. Single. Month. The only way the scene could be more generic would be if they had one of two of Ollie's teammates "holding him back" from punching somebody. They should rename Green Arrow "Drunk Uncle", because that's who he is.

Zip it, beatnik. Just zip it for once.


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