Sunday, October 30, 2005

Linkbloggin' Ain't Easy

Real-life duties have slowed my comic/movie intake considerably (our Manitoba-style wedding social is this Friday), but I still found time to check out many, many excellent blogs.

Beaucoup Kevin checks out the new DC solicits, and both snarks and loves on them, as the spirit moves him. He also seems to share my concerns about the Seven Soldiers TPB, but I'm already had my fanboy hissyfit on that topic, so I'll endeavour to rise above...

Brian Hibbs give a nice plug to volume 2 of BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, which is my absolute favorite manga. I've read lots and lots of it in scanslation form, which is not in any way preventing me from buying the Tokyopop editions as soon as they come out. Dude, it just gets better. So, so much better.

Halloween costumes? Tom at Comics Ate My Brain does a nice round-up of his dress-up history. Which includes professionally-made Jedi robes.

Harvey Jerkwater does a cover version of Dave's F*@% Yeah! Files recounting his experience reading one of the greatest issues of What If? ever. It's certainly the issue with the most kick-ass cover.

Jog has written a nice column re: Dave Sim's role in the comicsphere. Dave is mildly bats**t crazy, but damn those Cerebus pages are pretty. I still don't understand what happened in Flight, tho.

And finally, any blogpost titled DC's Teen Sluts get a plug, regardless of content. Well played, Lady, That's My Skull!

Hopefully, I can find the time to process another chunk of Tomb of Dracula over the next couple of days. I just have to find a way to do it that does not lead Tamar to believe I'm goofing off. Apparently "It's for my blog!" is not a strong argument. Who knew?


Blogger Sleestak said...

Thanks for the mention. And yes, it was a cheap ploy to name the post that. I'll be watching my hits over the next few days to see what comes of it. I had an amazing success once when I called a post 'Free Porn'. You wouldn't believe all the hate email.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Jhunt said...

I got a visit once by somebody who found me looking for "chubby Tobey Maguire". Ca-reeeeepy.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Jhunt said...

Um, found the site.. not me personally...

12:15 PM  

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