Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Smell How They Burn" - Klarion #4

This was the Seven Soldiers miniseries that I was least looking forward to, when I initially heard the line-up, but it has turned out to be both the one I looked most forward to reading, and (perhaps more importantly) the one I feel gave the best reading experience as a mini-series. I'm really surprised at how much I've grown to enjoy the character of Klarion the Witch Boy. I remembered the character vaguely from some earlier appearances (mostly Young Justice and Demon), and really didn't care for him.

Morrison really did a number on him, though, stripping away the cloying cutesy aspects of the Witch Boy, and replacing them with Salem allusions and puritan imagery (thanks in no small part to the absolutely stellar art of Frazer Irving).

While some of the other Soldiers seemed to exist simply to serve the function of the uberstory, Klarion was well fleshed out. His environment and supporting cast was rich with history and rife with story possibilities.

Some of the other minis have seemed more concerned with forwarding the Sheeda concepts, but I feel that Klarion told a complete story (more or less). Yes, it ends with a push for Seven Soldiers #1 just like the rest, but you get a sense that Klarion has had a complete adventure, and is now heading off on another (as comic book characters are wont to do).

I certainly have my problems with the decision DC has made regarding the collection of the Seven Soldier minis into TPB (you betcha), but I will admit that I'm really looking forward to rereading this family of books once all is said and done, and piecing together the clues and echoes that thread through all the books.

Yep, I'm gonna buy the TPBs regardless. DC, you win this round.

Update: Jog the Blog has an interesting look at Klarion #4. Check it out.


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