Monday, November 28, 2005

James Robinson Surfaces!

Crisis/Boring Change communicates the very exciting news that James "Starman" Robinson is slated to make his long-awaited return to monthly comics, taking on the writing duties for a Batman/Detective Comics story arc post-IC.  This is very welcome news. Starman was, for a period, the only comic book I read with any sense of regularity.  Even though the bulk of my floppies are in storage at my parents' place, my stack of Starman issues has a place of honour on my bookshelf, next to my Terry & The Pirates collections.

I think it's very telling that, although Starman was a very popular series, and Jack Knight a compelling and complex character, the series was ended with such grace and panache that there hasn't really been very much outcry for its return.  Sure, people are still hoping to see the story of Jack's trip to China, but there seems to be a sense of patience involved.  Fans seem to understand that the story will only be told if and when Robinson and Tony Harris feel the time is right.

On a related note, at the time that the series ended, Robinson had promised to return to the DC Comics Starman board in order to answer one last round of reader questions about the series.  While I checked back every now and then, I don't believe he ever did so.  Maybe he'll now find the time.

Welcome back to comics, James Robinson!  We've missed you!


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