Friday, December 02, 2005

Parade of Linkblogging

Harvey Jerkwater has put forth an exhaustive (in the good way) account of his X-Men experiences, with special attention to the wonderfulness that was the Grant Morrison New X-Men run.

Another fun background easter egg on Lost this week, plus a comic cover tribute to boot! The Baboon Bellows has the details. By the way, is anyone else becoming increasingly paranoid that there's no possible way the Lost crew will be able to satisfactorily explain the dozens of mysteries they've currently got on the go? Tam and I watched this week's episode last night, and then spent the next half hour or so detailing all of the different plot threads that need resolving before the show could end. I hope to god there is some sort of endgame in play already, or those writers should plan to change their names and hide following the final episode.

Monitor Duty relays the welcome news that Chuck Dixon has some form of return to Green Arrow in the works. I think I've made my dislike for Oliver Queen (as he is currently written) fairly clear, but I would definately be up for Dixon telling another killer Connor Hawke/ Eddie Fyers story. Man, that was a fun run of books. Good times.

And the week's big dog... the blog post everybody is talking about.. is definately Chris Sims' in-depth examination at his Invincible Super-Blog of the most inadvertantly (I assume) homoerotic issue of World's Finest ever published. Possibly the most homoerotic mainstream comic ever. Wow, it's off the hook. Truly.

That's it for my time, thanks for yours.


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