Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm A Lazy Blogger

I haven't posted much of anything this week, mostly because I haven't read much of anything. I spent most of my downtime watching Band of Brothers on DVD. BoB is awesome, but didn't really spark any blogpost ideas for me.

Hopefully I'm not hitting a wall or something. Maybe I won't panic yet... I mean I haven't even read or even picked up any of this week's comics! Nextwave is supposed to be good, right?

Lately, all I feel like reading before bed is my beloved Showcase Presents: Superman volume. But I'm almost done.. so there is a little panic growing.

Any thoughts on what I should pick up next? I'm thinking something in a Showcase or Essential. Mybe the Iron Fist or Luke Cage volumes? Or should I go indy? Or maybe it's finally time to crack and pick up the Cerebus: Church & State phones books.

If most of my floppies weren't in storage, I think it'd be time for a Starman reread. That always seems to cleanse the palette and reinvigorate the spirit.

Hitting a slump sucks, y'all. Blech.


Blogger Amanda said...

I LOVE Band of Brothers. Damien Lewis should be in more movies.

And I went to buy Nextwave on Thursday and the comic book store had already sold out. I was shocked, but they said they'd order one for me so it's all good.

Umm, I have no suggestions, but X-Factor 3 comes out next week and I was thinking of trying Underworld, which is only a mini-series. Maybe I'll package up some inspiration and mail it to Winnipeg for you cuz I'm no good with suggestions :D

7:11 PM  
Blogger Spencer Carnage said...

Blogging is the new Video and Video Izz Dead!

7:12 PM  
Blogger Jhunt said...

Yeah Band of Brothers is great. Sometimes it's just nice to watch a well-told story that has an end. Especially when you read comic books.

I picked up NextWave. More to follow.

11:20 AM  

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