Friday, February 03, 2006

Bookworm Alert

KCRW has released another exceptional comic-related episode of Bookworm into the internetosphere. They've had a number of great comic podcasts before (check the archives, because there's plenty of gold to be found), and this one is no exception. Host Michael Silverblatt is joined by John Carlin and Art Spiegelman to discuss both the current Masters of American Comics display at MoCCA as well as the exceptional "catalogue" produced to accompany the display.

I always find Spiegelman much more enjoyable in audio interviews than in print, where he seems to come off as rather humorless. Listening to him speak gives me a much greater appreciation for his enthusiasm for the art form.

Silverblatt is one of the best literary interviewers I've encountered, and he certainly has a clear familiarity and affection for comic art, without ever descending into the fan-enthusiasm that often weakens other comic related podcast interviews. It's a bit more academic than most, coming off as nothing so much as a much less snarky audio Comics Journal.

As always, KCRW remains my podcast hero.

Grab it here.

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