Sunday, February 05, 2006

Regaining My Film-Geek Street Cred

Well, I'm making some solid headway in my quest to view all five Best Picture nominees prior to the Academy Awards. I am pleased to report that I have watched both Munich and Capote this weekend, leaving just Brokeback Mountain and Crash.

Of the two I most recently viewed, I would have to say I preferred Munich. Steven Spielberg has put together an intelligent thriller, one that asks many difficult questions but offers no answers. Eric Bana is excellent as the head of the Israili assasination squad, and Daniel Craig (in probably his final supporting role) does good work as well. Munich is exciting and tense, but more than that it is very effective at showing the toll that the "work" takes on the men charged with it.

Capote was also quite good, if a bit slowly paced. I'm sure that it's not a surprise to anyone that Philip Seymour Hoffman dominates the picture, with his portrayal of Truman Capote being almost unsettling. It's an interesting story, and it's told well, it just didn't really connect with me. Still, the performances alone are enough to recommend this movie, and it's possible I would have enjoyed it more if I had waited until I was in the mood.

So, I am kicking serious butt in my self-challenge. 3 down, 2 to go, and time to spare.


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