Thursday, March 02, 2006

Criterion Is Reading My Mind!

I'm on the Criterion DVD email newsletter list, as I'm sure absolutely none of you know or care. However, it is minutely possible that some of you might be a little bit interested in the following bit of rumour. In the latest email, there is a small cartoon on the very bottom of one dog saying to another "Were you Dazed & Confused last month, or just Kicking and Screaming?".

Criterion has already revealed that they are preparing a new edition of D&C for release, but the news that actually made my heart skip a beat was the reference to Kicking and Screaming. I have to believe that this means that Criterion is also preparing a release of Noah Baumabach's first film, and not the Will Farrell comedy from last year.

K&S is probably my favorite comedy of all time. I have a VHS tape with the movie on it that I taped off Canadian Bravo about 8 years ago, and I was relatively certain that that tape would have to last me the rest of my life, because there was no reason to think that it would ever be released on DVD.

And then came The Squid & The Whale. Critically acclaimed, and Acadamy Award nominated. Noah Baumbach, who had been working with Wes Anderson of late, was back on the map as a writer/director in his own right.

Could this be true? Will I soon have not only a DVD copy of Kicking and Screaming, but a gadblamming CRITERION EDITION?

If they are f**king with me I cannot be responsible for what happens. I really can't.


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