Thursday, February 09, 2006

Breaking News: Love Monkey On Hold

This is some sh**ty news right here. Love Monkey, Tom Cavanagh's new show, has been shelved for the forseeable future (source). It hasn't officially been cancelled yet, which is good news, but it is definately on the bubble.

I loved Ed, and Love Monkey was turning into another great hourlong comedy-drama in the same vein. I really hope this show gets another shot.

Come on people, it's got Judy Greer for cripes sake! Who doesn't like Judy Greer? I'll tell you who, crazy people! So, if it gets another airing, please watch it. I'd consider it a personal favor.

I can't believe they can keep making the Bachelor, but this show might get the axe. I know reality shows are supposed to be dirt cheap, but what about the emotional cost? Or the karmic cost? What about that, tv programming bigwigs!!!


Blogger TheKing said...

That show is gay, just like you and your blog, I hope it gets cancelled for good.

6:51 PM  

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