Saturday, February 18, 2006

Me: Now 35% Nerdier!

I seem to be getting more and more geekish as I get older. After having managed to avoid it for nearly 30 years, despite its unwavering presence on Public Television during my formative years, I have now started to watch Doctor Who.

Good god.

And not even the currently popular, slick and stylish new series that started last year, but the dorky, clunky, cheap-looking episodes from the seventies and eighties. I am, to be precise, watching the Tom Baker episodes.

I've only watched a couple of episodes so far, but they are fun little bits of cheese. Baker is certainly enjoying himself in the role of the Doctor, and his enthusiasm is hard to resist.

Regardless, thank god I'm already engaged, because I seem to be intent on turning myself into the world's finest female repellant.

I wonder if there's a group for those of us who feel such intense shame in their own nerdish tendancies. If there isn't, there should be.

"I wish I could quit you, Doctor Who..."

(..and yes, that quote does mean that I have watched Brokeback Mountain, bringing me ever closer to my goal of having seen all 5 best picture nominees before the Academy Awards. Only Crash now remains, and it is sitting right on the DVD player, waiting for my attention.

oh, Brokeback? It was excellent. But sad. Holy Moses, was it sad. I had to use Arrested Development as a kind of sorbet after watching Brokeback, just to cleanse the palate of mopiness and gloom.)


Blogger Woody! said...

I feel shame for my nerdishness, but not inense shame. Maybe it's my laziness that keeps me from getting intense.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Jhunt said...

I think I'm going to have to try to "own" my nerdish tendancies. Maybe I'll request a Doctor Who scarf for my 30th birthday.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Jon said...

Hey Joel,
I think you better be careful with your Nerdiness. Tam might just get really scared of you one day and run away with her bottle of red wine and some war vet from the grace!

10:38 PM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

I've failed in my attempt to get a Tom Baker scarf, so I'm this close to learning to knit so I can make my own.

Nerdiness galore!

12:45 AM  
Blogger Jhunt said...

From what I've seen of this incarnation of the Good Doctor, the scarf easily sails past the point of being a simple affectation, and seems to, on some occasions, be a quite serious impediment to the Doctor's mobility.

Fashion is fashion, but good god, man! You're running from blinkin' space slugs!!

12:20 PM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

I think he actually makes use of it on a couple of occasions, in order to get out of some nasty scrapes.

And of course, it turns up whenever the new Doctor decides on a new outfit, but so far none of them have succumbed.

9:21 PM  
Blogger Jhunt said...

If they did the scarf nowadays, I'd wager it would be CGI, like Spawn's cape.

(, not that I've seen the Spawn movie or anything... )

9:15 AM  

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