Saturday, March 04, 2006

My Heroic Finale

Crash has been watched. Yes, that means that I have wholeheartedly completed my self-challenge of watching all five Best Picture nominees prior to the Acadamy Awards telecast. It was maybe a bit theatrical of me to wait until the final days to complete my mission, but in the end all that matters is that I did it.

Crash was amazing, by the way. It was probably the Best Picture nominee that I was least looking forward to seeing, and it turned out to be second only to Good Night and Good Luck in my personal ranking.

Besides, any movie that manages to get high-quality performances out of Brendan Fraser and Sandra Bullock deserves our support, I believe. Tam loved it too, and best of all, it was the type of movie that spurred a great discussion after it ended. Too many movies are completely disposable. Enjoyable while you watch them, but instantly forgettable once you are done. Crash was not one of those type of movies.

I may have enjoyed GN&GL slightly more, but that probably owes more to my status as a politics geek and a Cold War "buff" than to any superiority of the film over Crash.

Crash is higly recommended, and I don't think I'd be disappointed to see it win Best Picture.


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