Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Night Trippers: Choice Cut

Newsarama has a nice little write-up of what looks to me like an excellent soon-to-be-released graphic novel from Image. Night Trippers is "vampires in the 60s music scene", and that sounds pretty boss to me. And if that description isn't enough for you, there's also a 22-page preview available.

I actually have only looked at a couple of pages of the preview, because 22 pages is a bit excessive for me. I'm planning on buying the book when it comes out in May, and I'd rather not have already read more than 10 % of the story. But if you need a long look before deciding whether this book is for you, go to the 'Rama and fill yer boots.

The book has a very nice website too, and in the grand tradition of NextWave a theme song is available there for download. There's also audio interviews from the world of Night Trippers and quite a bit of extra info about the book's setting and creators.

I like the look of this book, and I'm certainly happy to support creators that are putting this much effort and care into their work. When Night Trippers streets in May, I'll gladly buy a copy.

It's nice to be excited about a book that isn't about masked crimefighters. I'm not about to stop digging on old-school comics, but a change of pace is not only welcome, but highly recommended.


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