Friday, March 10, 2006

Everybody Loves the Giff

If you dig on Keith Giffen like I do, then you'll definately want to check out a big ol' interview done with the man himself on Newsarama. Keith is current in the middle of some very high-profile stuff for both DC and Marvel, but this interview isn't strictly a "press release primer", as it goes into the roots and highlights of his long and storied career.

I'm a huge Giffen fan, from his early LSH work, through the 5-year-gap Legion, and right up to his more recent Hero Squared book. Heck, I even liked PunX. But my favorite Giffen title, and in fact one of my favorite short-run comics ever, is The Heckler.

I think The Heckler is one of those perfect comics. It only lasted six issues, but my god, what a six issues! Ambush Bug will always hold a special place in my colelction, but it's Heckler that I really appreciate.

If DC ever trade-paperbacked this title, I will go on record as saying I will buy a copy. I guess the ball is in your court, DC! That's one guaranteed sale that you'd be throwing away!



Anonymous Chuck T. said...

Vext is a pretty good six issues too. How Giffen gets this stuff greenlit I don't know...

6:09 PM  
Blogger Jhunt said...

For a guy who talks quite a bit about all the bridges he imagined he had burned in the past, it's interesting that he's one of the only high-profile creators I can think of who's doing "Big Event" work for both Marvel and DC.

He must have pictures of Levitz and Joey Q in compromising positions.

9:14 AM  

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