Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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I'm leading off with this ASB&RtBW Frank Miller variant cover because :
a) it's very nice, and
b) it just indicates how all-powerful is the Batgirl meme. None may resist the power of the Batgirl meme. Bow before the meme!

Mike Chary is the first (at least that I've read) to take the contrary position in regards to the V For Vendetta movie. I certainly don't agree with his contention that the V movie is better than Alan Moore and David Lloyd's comic (especially as he seems at times to equate "more likeable" with "better"), but it is an entertaining post nonetheless, especially the Top 10 Ways the Movie was Different from the Comic Book. Look, maybe The Incredibles was more likeable than Waking Life, but I would much rather rewatch Richard Linklater's oddly-paced series of monolgues on conciousness and dreams. I liked it, and it didn't evaporate like fairy-dust immediately after the credits rolled.

Mike Sterling is merciless in his clipping of Amazon.com reader reviews of Alan Moore's seminal comicbook works. It serves as a bleak reminder that the internet is permanent, folks, and if you write something silly... it will be held up for ridicule at some point. This excerpt of a From Hell review was my favorite:
(headlined "It's A Big Comic Book!") "I did not realize when I ordered it that it was just pages of illustrations with TINY LITTLE WRITING coming out of the various character's mouths. The writing was so small, I could hardly read it, and finally just gave up."
That's just beautiful.

Hypnoray is right smack-dab in the middle of drinking in the wonderfulness that is the DC Showcase Presents Superman phonebook, and he's lucky enough to get sick enough to require a "bed day" while doing so! Boy, I have to admit I'm actually a little jealous. I picked up the Superman Family Showcase volume on Saturday, and I think I would really appreciate getting to take a day or two to wear my pyjamas 24-7, slurp chicken noodle soup, and watch Jimmy Olsen make a world-class nuisance out of himself. Sweet, stupid, headstrong Jimmy Olsen. God bless him.

Sparky at Trusty Sidekicks has some underwear that my fiance should thank her lucky stars I have never come across in a store. Seriously, I would wear those. Probably ironically, but not definately. Hell, if I still had my Spider-Man underoos from when I was six I would probably try to squeeze into them. So, um, I guess it's rather a good thing that I don't.

In closing, I have to admit, in the wake of the announcement of a forthcoming Showcase volume, that I have never read a single issue of The Phantom Stranger. My experience with the character is pretty much limited to his brief, cryptic appearances in DC's mega-crossovers and that weird issue of Secret Origins that posited four entirely seperate possible origins for the Stranger.
Were his solo stories any good? Was he more of a Cain & Abel type host for horror shorts, or did he actively have his own adventures? I honestly have no idea. It's kind of a gaping hole in my DC knowledge, no?

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Blogger joncormier said...

Man, I know it's not fair to make fun of children's comics, but I'm finding it hard not to be a complete jerk about these books - out of love. I love them because they are so damned dumb. I too have the Superman Family collection but I'm not even halfway through the Superman collection so I won't be there for a while.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Jhunt said...

I've only read about the first four 8-pagers in the Jimmy Olsen volume, and I am already stunned by the complete disregard for logic in the plotting. It makes the Superman volume look like Watchmen.

And yet, right now, I would much rather read Jimmy Olsen comics than Watchmen.

9:57 AM  
Blogger joncormier said...

I opened it to a random page an saw a robot chasing Jimmy with the words "This Robot is trained to destroy your camera" written across its chest. Then there were dinosaurs and a Daily Planet headline on page one I assume declaring "No Evidence of Dinosaurs Found on Mysterious Island." How did they stay in business?

By the way - word verification = injit. I love that. He's such an injit Ted!

2:23 PM  
Blogger Jhunt said...

See, that's brilliant.

Jimmy Olsen comics make your head hurt because they love you. And you forgive them because you love them. It's the ultimate disfunctional sequential relationship.

3:54 PM  
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