Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm Hiding From the Blogosphere

Wow, the blogosphere can be a frightening place when you haven't read last week's comics yet. Case in point, I'm unable to log into my Bloglines account, as I am positive that a good 20 percent of the posts that have accumalated over the weekend make mention of All-Star Superman #3. Hell, if I had read it already this post would likely feature a review or shout-out. The facts of the matter are, however, that I haven't read it yet, which makes the Comics Blogosphere a dark, dangerous place, not unlike a minefield planted with spoiler-bombs. If such a thing existed.

The reason I've been so remiss with my four-color consumption? I was gifted with a beautiful XBox gaming console in honour of my aforementioned 30th birthday. No, I don't know what Tamar was thinking either. I guess the continual whinging I've been producing over the past couple of years finally wore her down. Games were bought (GTA:San Andreas, Outlaw Golf 2, NFL Street 2, and Splinter Cell), and time disappeared like mist on a lake.

Oh, and yes, it is a crystal XBox. It is so choice.

A quick note to all y'all who are showing up looking for Kicking and Screaming DVD news: I emailed a question through the Criterion site, and got a little note in return that gave a tentative street date of late August. No word of extras yet, but I'll keep poking around and see if I can get any further information. As it is, that news is far too awesome.

Oh, and we're getting the keys back to our rebuilt condo this Friday! We're going home! Only better, with new furniture, appliances, and flooring. And paint. Oh, and cabinets, as well. I'll be sure to post some pics after we get back in so you can compare them to the post-apocalyptic wasteland we left post-fire in November.

Sometimes it's good to be me.

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